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What is the purpose of this referendum?
The purpose of this referendum is to give an opportunity to the Tamil Diaspora, to voice their opinion in finding a lasting solution, within the democratic principles.

Who is organizing the Tamil Referendum 2009?
Coalition for Tamil Elections – A non profit, non-partisan organization to cater the needs of the Tamil Canadians to run surveys, opinion polls, elections and referendums among them. Throughout the evolution of this electoral process, the officials and volunteers are working hard to bring about increasing fairness and transparency, to ensure the prevalence of democratic values.

What’s the significance of the ‘Vaddukkoaddai’ resolution?
The 'Vaddukkoaddai' Resolution was declared by all Tamil political parties in 1976 after having had several failed negotiations with the successive Sri Lankan Governments and it was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Tamils in the 1977 General Election in the island of Sri Lanka, which was the last election held democratically under peaceful situation.

The original Vaddukkoaddai resolution is different from what is being asked on the Referendum 2009 ballet. Why so?
The original ‘Vaddukkoaddai’ – resolution asked the mandate from the Tamil people to negotiate an Autonomous region for Tamils. The current referendum is asking the Tamil Diaspora whether that mandate is still valid and applied.

How will the referendum process be transparent?
The entire process is publically open from the beginning. The ballots will be counted electronically and the results are tabulated by a reputable Canadian third party company. The organizers of the referendum are not involved in vote counting. Furthermore, independent observers from Canadian mainstream organizations such as Canadian Federation of Students, Academia, elected people representatives and members of Trade unions will oversee the electoral process

Is Elections Canada involved in running the referendum?
Elections Canada is not involved in the referendum.

Will the coalition for Tamil Elections Canada be involved in canvassing for or against the motion?
The Coalition for Tamil Elections Canada is a bi-partisan and a neutral organization

How will the results be announced?
Final results will be announced at the end of the polling by the third party company. The results will be posted online as soon as they’re made available to the organizers.

What will happen with the results?
The electoral document produced by the 3rd party company will made available to the academia, world governments, think-tank institutions, NGO’s and interested groups

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